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2018 - 2019 Webinars

Advancing Team-Based Care - 2019

Dec 02, 2019 | 1:30 p.m. EST:  Building the Case for Implementing Postgraduate Residency Training Program. This webinar will provide background and details on why your health center should consider developing a program, and the return on investment to your organization and the community health center system as a whole. Faculty includes innovators and health center leaders who are directly engaged in building and developing these models across the nation. | Video Slides


June 28, 2019 | 3 p.m. EST:  Going Where The Kids Are: Starting, Growing and Expanding School Based Health Centers. This webinar will address the benefits, challenges, and strategic advantages of a school based health center program from a clinical, data, quality, operational viewpoint, communications, and community engagement perspective. Experts will share the strategy for integrating oral health and behavioral health to ensure the best outcomes for patients. | Video Slides


June 11, 2019 | 3 p.m. EST:  Team as Treatment - Driving Improvement in Diabetes. This webinar will share evidence-based models that will provide a framework for health centers to optimize the team in primary care. Experts will describe how utilization of extended team members and technology can reduce gaps in care for prediabetics and diabetics. With a focus on lifestyle and community based projects, this webinar will highlight the strategies and resources to improve the health and behaviors of patients at risk for diabetes and manage uncontrolled diabetes. | Video Slides 


May 23, 2019 | 2 p.m. EST:  Improving the Health Outcomes of Both Patients AND Populations.  Health centers have been pioneering innovative approaches to improving patient outcomes for decades. With the shift from fee-for-service to value-based care, health centers across the nation are advancing their strategies and allocating more resources to further improve quality of care and outcomes for patients. In this webinar experts will share their journey in planning, preparing and launching a population health initiative. This national webinar focuses on empowering health centers to initiate a population health strategy at their organization. | Video Slides 


May 06, 2019 | 3 p.m. EST:  Behavioral Health Staff in Integrated Care Settings - The Vital Role of Collaboration Across Teams: Expand the Impact of Your Care.  Health centers across the country are stepping up to better address the complexity of their patient populations by broadening their behavioral health workforce. Many are taking on this challenge by advancing their integration of behavioral health through strengthening relationships across disciplines within the team. Experts in psychology, psychiatry and nursing will share ways in which they effectively utilize their roles at the top of their license to monitor and support high-risk patients. By examining these various roles, experts will address how you can effectively support integration at your health center to improve outcomes | Video Slides


March 21, 2019 | 3 p.m. EST: Oral Health - Full Partners on the Team.  Health center patients often have complex healthcare challenges that are significantly affected by their oral health status. We can improve overall health by creating access to excellent oral health services in the context of team-based care. This session will bring strategies from the field showing how effective integration, collaboration and mobilization of dental services significantly improves health. Experts will discuss the clinical, organizational, data and technical opportunities and challenges to advancing or enhancing your model of oral health in team-based care. | Video Slides


February 27, 2019 | 3 p.m. EST: The Vital Role of Behavioral Health: Effective Integration in a Model of Team Based Care. Delivering behavioral health services as a part of an integrated team is crucial to providing comprehensive primary care services. Focusing on the vital role of behavioral health, experts will share the key elements that maximize the contributions of these team members through structured approaches to screening, the use of “warm hand offs” to ensure connection to primary care, and implementing a robust group of treatment programs to enhance access and improve outcomes.|  Slides

December 13, 2018 | 3 p.m. EST: Behavioral Health Workforce Development; Training Across the Various Behavioral Health Disciplines. Training the next generation to deliver behavioral health and primary care services as a part of integrated, interprofessional teams, including opioid use disorder and other substance use disorder treatments, is crucial to establishing a strong, dedicated behavioral health workforce in health centers. During this webinar, you will hear from the CHCI’s Chief Behavioral Health Officer and CHCI Behavioral Health Staff as they provide insight into the crucial components of effectively training behavioral health students working toward different behavioral health degrees.| Video Slides

November 29, 2018 | 3 PM EST: Give Primary Care a Chance! Creating an Education Experience in Primary Care that will Awaken BSN Students to the Professional Role of RNs in Primary Care. CHCI’s translation of the Dedicated Education Unit (DEU) model to primary care successfully supports pre-licensure training in the primary care setting, and provides nursing students with intense clinical learning experiences. During this webinar, you will hear from the CHCI’s Chief Nursing Officer who successfully led the development and implementation of the DEU model at CHCI. | Video Slides

June 29, 2018 | 3:00 PM EST : Activity Session - Creating your own Health Professions Student Training Playbook The National Cooperative Agreement on Clinical Workforce Development offered a hands-on activity session on the Health Professions Student Training Playbook. This session was a one-on-one coaching with select health centers on the development of a Health Professions Student Training Playbook that will outline an exceptional student training process across all disciplines. CHC, Inc. Playbook | Playbook Template

June 28, 2018 | 4:00 PM EST : From Affiliation to Action: Proven Strategies to Make it Easier to Host Health Professions Students
In this webinar clinical leadership will explore the elements of our enhanced teaching arrangements within the medical, behavioral health, nursing, and dental disciplines. Leadership from Area Health Education Center (AHEC) will share how the program supports community-based interdisciplinary training programs, and the resources available to health centers through their local AHEC on creating strategic partnerships with academic programs. We will present our best practices for initiating agreements and developing health profession student training at your health center.  | Video Slides

June 27, 2018 | 3:00 PM EST : Training the Next Generation of Integrated Primary Care Providers to Safely and Effectively Manage Chronic Pain Utilizing Telehealth Solutions​

Leaders and experts from the Weitzman Institute’s Project ECHO and Postgraduate Residency Training Programs discuss enhancing your training curriculum with additional content specific to treating complex pain patients within a team-based model of care. Alums of CHCI’s family nurse practitioner residency and postdoctoral psychology residency programs discuss how participating in “Pain ECHO” sessions and using eConsults to access pain specialists as a part of their residency training increased their mastery and confidence in identifying, treating, and caring for their patients with chronic pain. | Video Slides

April 26, 2018 : Building the Case for Starting a Postdoctoral Clinical Psychology Residency Program at Your Health Center  |  Video Slides

May 15, 2018 : The Structure of a 12-month Residency Program and Stories from Former Residents, Preceptors and Program Staff  |  Video Slides

Advancing Team-Based Care - 2018

February 15 | 3:00 PM EST : Taking Team-Based Care to the Next Level. In this webinar, we will briefly review the core concepts of team-based care (physical design, roles, data, empanelment) that we have discussed in previous webinars (all available at  and  introduce you to elements of team-based care that build upon these basics and support your teams in advancing their capability to provide satisfying and effective care to complex patient populations. Areas of focus will include additional roles on the care team, a deeper dive into the practice of RNs and behavioral health providers, and a team approach to managing pain, medication assisted treatment for opioid addiction, and the care of the older adult in primary care.  This first webinar in the series will begin with a focus on the teamlet. (Provider and MA) and the data that supports their success. Video Slides Survey


February 22 | 3:00 PM EST : Advancing the Practice of RNs and Behavioral Health Providers. We will explore two vital roles on the primary care team, RNs and Behavioral Health clinicians. We have seen  tremendous progress in health centers across the country towards the integration of primary care and behavioral health, and in advancing the role of RNs. In this webinar, we’ll focus on key elements that maximize the contributions of these team members.  We focus on RN complex care management and the use of RN visits to expand and enhance the capacity of the team. We’ll also look at how practices  can systematically address the behavioral health needs of their patient population starting with structured approaches to screening  of both adults and children, the use of warm hand offs to ensure connection to primary care, and implementing a robust group treatment program to enhance access and improve outcomes. This session will also detail the kind of data dashboards that support the work of these vital team members. Video Slides Survey


March 1 | 3:00 PM EST : Beyond the Walls: Effectively Utilizing Community Health Workers and Clinical Home Visitors as Part of the Team In this webinar, we will focus on team members who work with patients in various capacities beyond the walls of the exam room but make an enormous contribution to clinical outcomes. Participants will learn about their connections to the team, and the effective outcomes that result from their patient engagement. Video Slides Survey


March 8 | 3:00 PM EST : Caring for Patients with Pain is a Team Sport. Health Centers are  called upon to help patients with both acute and chronic pain.. Our desire to help patients with pain often exceeds our skill set and resources. Health Centers across the country have been stepping  up to become better educated and trained in this complex area of clinical practice.  One thing we’ve learned is that it requires the whole team to be successful. In this webinar we will look at the contribution of each member of the expanded care team in addressing needs of patients with chronic pain, and the strategies that support their work. | Video Slides