About UpSkillMA

How does it work?

UpSkillMA provides practicing Medical Assistants with next level training and expertise to excel in high-performing Primary Care teams. Participants learn at their own pace through an online platform that is user friendly, secure and HIPAA Compliant.

There are currently 4 courses offered by UpSkillMA that can be taken separately or in a recommended sequence. Participants earn a certificate of completion by demonstrating mastery of each course’s key objectives. Coursework includes quizzes, video lessons and written material developed by experts in the field.  All courses have an assigned instructor that is a subject matter expert who engages participants in critical thinking throughout the course.  Participants also engage with their peers who are participating in the course at the same time as them. 

How will UpSkillMA benefit my health center?

Your Medical Assistants will...

  • Become more integrated and integral team members
  • Have an enhanced ability to function as fully integrated members of high-performing care teams

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