Hepatitis C

About half of Americans with Hepatitis C are aware of their condition, but less than 16% are receiving treatment. Many medically underserved patients, who are appropriate candidates for antiviral therapy, do not receive treatment because of the high cost of the antiviral medication and limited or no insurance coverage.

Patient-Centered Medical Homes are ideal locations to treat patients for HCV. Few primary care providers, however, have adequate training in HCV diagnosis and treatment.

Project ECHO® offers multidisciplinary support for primary care providers to treat patients with HCV, facilitating the meaningful integration of evidence-based guidelines and recommendations into daily practice.


Participant Testimonials

"Project ECHO Hepatitis C is a useful tool. I am able to provide competent, safe treatment to my primary care patients. Project ECHO increases my scope of practice, and increases the ease of treatment for patients. A win-win-win for everyone."

                               - Andrew Yim, APRN; Community Health Center, Inc., Meriden, CT

"Thank you to everyone. That was pretty awesome. Suddenly, not feeling quite as alone."

                              - Will Cooke, MD; Foundations Family Medicine, Indiana