According to the CDC, 1.2 million Americans are living with HIV, but 1 in 7 are unaware of their status and 50,000 new infections are expected to occur annually. Out of those living with HIV, 60% are not engaged in care with an HIV-treating provider.

The Project ECHO® HIV Program increases much needed access to quality HIV treatment by integrating evidence-based guidelines and recommendations into primary care. Through regular attendance at case-based videoconference sessions, primary care providers, even those with no or minimal HIV experience, gain confidence and expertise in HIV management and develop the ability to diagnose and treat patients living with HIV, who otherwise may not have access to care.


Participant Testimonials

"Project ECHO has allowed me to expand my scope of practice and competently care for patients in the primary care setting that I otherwise would have had to refer to outside specialists, who are often difficult for our patients to access. I recently had a patient with HIV infection who had been fearful and resistant to taking anti-retroviral medications for many years and had progressed to AIDS. With the help and expertise of the ECHO team, I was able to re-assure the patient and find an antiviral regimen that was safe and effective. She now has undetectable HIV viral level and climbing T-cell count."

                               - Dan Miller, DO; Community Health Center, Inc., Meriden, CT

"That was a fantastic meeting we had this afternoon. Could you please pass along my gratitude to Dr. Huddleston for his teaching and facilitation?  Looking forward to the many meetings to come."

                              - Judy Hsu, MD; Barre Family Health Center, MA