Behavioral Health

Study Name: Behavioral Health
Study Period: 
June 1, 2015 to February 1, 2017
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
Principal Investigators: 
David Guggenheim, Psy.D.; Ilan Elson, Ph.D.

The behavioral health app is for patients diagnosed with anxiety, depression, and/or bipolar disorder. The app collects data on a patient’s behavioral health status through surveys including daily mood surveys, hospitalization/ER surveys, substance abuse surveys, etc. Additionally, the app passively collects communication and mobility data. When a patient’s survey and/or communication and mobility data deviates from their normal, an alert is triggered. The alert is displayed on their behavioral health provider’s dashboard and allows them to reach out to the patient as needed. Additionally, the behavioral health provider can access the patient’s responses and data at any time to review their history.


This app assesses and track patients’ behavioral health status when they are not in the clinical setting, enabling timely and targeted interventions. The data collected and displayed on the dashboard also promotes informed clinical visits. It is expected that a more continuous view of patients’ mental health status will enable both better self-coping and increased behavioral health provider-initiated interventions to improve outcomes, and increase the patient-behavioral health provider connection.

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