Weitzman ECHO Pain - Cohort II Registration

Due to popular demand, the Weitzman Institute is launching a second cohort of Weitzman ECHO Pain, one of our longest-running Project ECHO clinics. As the nation grapples with the heroin and prescription drug abuse epidemic, there is a need for improved training and education on pain management and safe opioid prescribing for primary care providers and care teams who are on the front lines of the crisis. Weitzman ECHO Pain is a videoconference "virtual classroom" designed to support and educate providers, enabling them to more effectively manage complex pain cases.

Enrollment is now open for the new cohort starting in September 2019.

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For more information contact:
Agi Erickson, Director of Business & Parternship Development
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(860) 347-6971 ext. 3741


Weitzman ECHO Pain is a twice monthly, 90-minute videoconference session that connects primary care providers with a multidisciplinary team of pain specialists to improve the management of patients with chronic pain. The team includes specialists with expertise in anesthesiology, physical medicine and rehabilitation, behavioral health, traditional Chinese medicine, and pharmacology.

Weitzman ECHO uses case-based learning to provide support and education to providers, enabling them to more effectively manage complex pain cases. During each session, the specialist team delivers a brief didactic and provides guidance in accordance with CDC guidelines on cases presented by participating providers. Topics in the 12-month didactic curriculum include pain exams, psychological approaches to pain management, medication tapers, and a series on safe opioid prescribing.

Click here to view the didactic curriculum.



1. Who should participate?​

  • Any medical and behavioral health providers seeing patients presenting with acute and/or chronic pain, as well as their care team members, are welcome to join. Our national learning community warmly welcomes practices from all regions of the country.

2. When do sessions occur?

  • Sessions are held on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of each month from 11:00AM - 12:30PM ET/8:00AM - 9:30AM PT beginning on September 26th. 

3. How do I join the live sessions? (Do I need any special equipment?)

  • Weitzman ECHO sessions are held virtually using Zoom Video Conferencing. Access is available on any computer with an internet connection, phone (audio only), and smartphone.

4. How do I sign up?

  • Register below. After you complete the registration form, we will follow up with information on pricing and to learn more about your organization. If you'd prefer to reach out to us directly, please contact Agi Erickson, Director of Business & Partnership Development at [email protected] 
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