There are over 100 million people in the United States with chronic pain, and the majority will seek care from a primary care provider...


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Managing chronic pain and avoiding prescription opioid misuse are enormous challenges for primary care providers. Most providers receive little or no training in pain management, and practices are ill equipped to meet the complex challenges of addressing chronic pain in a patient centered manner.

PainNET was developed by Weitzman Institute at Community Health Center, Inc. and is a flexible online learning community to engage primary care providers and practices and offer the tools and resources to learn about pain, collaborate with experts, and transform care with evidence-based practices. As part of PainNET, PCPs, specialists, nursing, and behavioral health professionals from around the country come together virtually to share knowledge, experience, and best practices.  PainNET provides a platform where providers and practices can access a range of tools:

  • An online community forum where primary care providers and specialists answer questions, discuss pain-related topics, and share resources
  • A Project ECHO® Pain videoconference library with presented cases, specialist recommendations, and didactic presentations
  • A comprehensive resource library with tools, guidelines, protocols, and recommendations
  • Foundational knowledge, supplied through videos and readings, needed for appropriate pain care and opioid prescribing
  • Direct messaging with pain specialists on specific cases through the eConsults platform   (coming soon)

PainNET will help members:

  • Find answers to pain related questions in a flexible, user-friendly, online community
  • Share ECHO knowledge with colleagues
  • Download tools and resources to help improve pain care
  • Take part in a national learning collaborative that will help your team adopt the nine best practices for good pain care

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