Practice Transformation

Practice Transformation

The Weitzman Practice Transformation Network supports health centers working to improve quality, increase value, and improve performance. This rapid learning network is focused on workforce development, enhanced specialty access through telehealth programs, and quality improvement education.

Workforce Development

Education, assistance, and training is critical to addressing the fundamental need for a clinically expert, deeply committed staff across roles & disciplines in health centers now and in decades to come.

Quality Improvement Education

WI's QI staff is engaged across CHCI working with front line teams to improve quality for our patients. In addition, the QI team supports health centers and other organizations nationwide with quality improvement training, consultation, and capacity building.



The Weitzman Team offers training in a variety of formats to implement a practice transformation plan, including distance learning through Project ECHO and eConsults.

Pain and Opioid Education and Support

The WI team has developed an intervention network in recognition of the enormous challenge of managing pain and avoiding prescription opioid misuse, providing supportive tools, strategies, and services for primary care providers and patients on the front line of the opioid crisis.