Quality Improvement Education

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The Weitzman Institute’s Quality Improvement approach represents a unique, state of the art methodology that combines elements from a variety of sources to meet the various quality improvement needs of other healthcare organizations. To help health centers meet those needs, the Weitzman Institute’s (WI) Quality Improvement experts will provide targeted training and education.

How we help healthcare organizations

The Weitzman Institute’s dedicated staff of quality improvement experts teach clients to facilitate effective meetings, engage stakeholders in improvement efforts, apply strategic change management methodologies, create a quality improvement culture and ensure quality outcomes through key data strategies.

Experience, Knowledge and best-practice standards

WI combines education, research and applied experience in the field to conduct appropriate gap analyses between current state practices and best practice standards, while utilizing strategic tools to engage improvement teams in developing new streamlined processes as well as using the WI quality library of resources.

Education and Coaching

WI experts coach, guide and teach identified quality initiative leaders with a hands-on train-the-trainer approach. WI experts educate participants on how to address challenging team dynamics, key process failures and how to evaluate processes and performance measures. The WI team will teach organizations to foster engagement in quality improvement initiatives, help teams to clearly define goals and roles as well as how to document and define process improvement implementations, and engage staff in change management.

Quality Outcomes

The WI team will assist and coach organizations on how to target specific clinical outcomes and identify any variations which could compromise quality. WI experts focus on teaching participants how to create new streamlined processes which reduce waste and variation while collecting and monitoring meaningful, actionable data.

Leadership Connection

Change is hard for any organization. However, leaders can create an environment and culture which helps to support and sustain a strong QI infrastructure that is ready for change. This type of session educates and connects leaders to a way of thinking strategically about quality improvement and support of QI initiatives. This connection is bridged through various pathways including; Performance Improvement Committee meetings, communications within all site meetings and other opportunities to share tools and methods that support improvement efforts, promote a positive QI environment, encourage continuous improvement, and overcome organizational resistance to change.

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