Rewards to Quit

Study Name: 
Rewards to Quit: A Study of Financial Incentives to Promote Tobacco Cessation in Community Health Centers
Study Period: 
September 1, 2013 to August 31, 2015
Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services
Principal Investigators: 
Jody Sindelar, PhD (Yale School of Public Health)

Patients in this study are randomized to intervention receive a Visa credit card: incentive payments loaded on the card each time they call Quit Line, attend counseling, or have a negative CO breathalyzer test. All patients are encouraged to utilize Quit Line and attend behavioral health counseling in group and/or individual format.


Examine the effect of incentives on: 1) smoking cessation rates; 2) receipt of evidence-based smoking cessation treatments (e.g., number of state Quit Line calls, number of counseling sessions, NRT prescriptions, and other medication use); 3) health care utilization (e.g., heart attack hospitalizations, emergency department visits for asthma symptoms); and 4) cost savings and cost-effectiveness of incentives.

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