About UpSkill NIMAA

How does it work?

UpSkill NIMAA provides practicing Medical Assistants with next level training and expertise to excel in high-performing Primary Care teams. Participants learn at their own pace through an online platform that is user friendly, secure and HIPAA Compliant. Participants can be enrolled in scheduled cohorts with an instructor or the course can be taken on-demand for more flexibility.

There are currently seven courses offered by UpSkill NIMAA that can be taken separately or in a recommended sequence. Participants earn a certificate of completion by demonstrating mastery of each course’s key objectives. Coursework includes quizzes, video lessons and written material developed by experts in the field.  All courses have an assigned instructor that is a subject matter expert who engages participants in critical thinking throughout the course.  Participants also engage with their peers who are participating in the course at the same time as them.

How will UpSkill NIMAA benefit my health center?

Your Medical Assistants will…

  • Enhance their ability to function as fully integrated members of high-performing care teams
  • Strengthen essential interpersonal skills in a clinical environment
  • Enhance their ability to work at the top of their MA certification


For more information, or to enroll in an UpSkill NIMAA course, click here to contact Lori Nichols.

Course Type Instructor-Led Self-Paced
Fixed start and end date
Register at any time; receive login within 24 business hours of registration
Good for
  • Learners who prefer to have an instructor in the course
  • Groups of staff from the same clinic
  • Learners who are interested in collaboration
  • Individual participants
  • Learners who are interested in flexibility
Time to Complete
  • One week per session + extra “flex” week at end.
  • One session is released per week, so participants can learn and apply content each week of the course
  • One week per session + extra “flex” week at end.
  • All sessions available from day one, so participants can complete the course at their own pace.
  • An assigned instructor that is a subject matter expert who engages participants in critical thinking throughout the course
  • Peers who have registered for the course at the same time
  • A required discussion forum for participants to interact and discuss course materials with peers and their instructor
  • Progress reports provided mid-course and at the end of the course
  • Downloadable course collateral
  • Dedicated in-house technical support
  • Includes an optional discussion forum to reflect on the content learned in each session
  • Progress reports provided at the end of the course
  • Downloadable course collateral
  • Dedicated in-house technical support

Course Descriptions

Courses in Development - Coming in 2022

Care coordination

Participants will review the roles of an interdisciplinary medical team, how to coordinate and support transitions between team members, and how patient advocacy, engagement, and education fit into the continuity of care. 


Participants will review the role of MAs within telehealth, see example workflows from an FQHC that were developed in response to the COVID19 pandemic. Participants will also review key communication, administrative, and care coordination skills in the context of a telehealth visit.


UpSkillMA courses are priced at $20/contact hour, a price competitive with other Medical Assistant continuing education courses.  The price per course is determined by the total number of hours in the course:

  Course  Course Hours  Cost per participant
Interprofessional Team-Based Care  12 hours  $240
Immunizations  10 hours  $200
Quality Improvement and Making Data Count  10 hours  $200
Professionalism and Effective Communication  9 hours  $180
Introduction to Run Charts  2 hours  $40
Introduction to Health Coaching  5 hours  $100
Community Health Workers in Primary Care  20 hours  $400

If participants successfully meet the requirements for completion, participants will receive a certificate of completion from the Weitzman Institute. 

UpSkillMA courses provide contact hours that can count toward CMA (AAMA) and CCMA (NHA) recertification requirements.

Participants will:

  • Access the course through our dedicated learning platform
  • Spend approximately one hour per session on the following activities:
    • Completing a brief assessment at the beginning of each session. Thsi healps measure existing knowledge
    • Engaging with the subject matter. Plan for about half of each session to be spent on audio/video contnet. The collaterla for each session (readings, slides, etc.) can be downloaded at any time. Additionally, courses have addition subject-specific activities and tools to help participants apply concepts in-clinic.
    • Reviewing important concepts and vocabulary with optional flashcards.
    • Completing a graded knowledge assessment at the end of each session.

Both! Please refer to the course schedule on our website.

This course is graded as pass/fail. A passing grade requires participation in each session of the course. In addition, participants must complete the following to receive a passing grade :

  • Complete the pre-session knowledge assessment in each session.
  • View the session content in each session.
  • Complete the session activity in a satisfactory manner based on the grading rubric in each session.
  • Complete the post-session knowledge assessment in each session and achieve a cumulative grade of 70% or higher across all sessions in one course.

Managers will get a progress update when the course is halfway finished as well a completion report at the end. The UpskillNIMAA program coordinator can also be contacted at any time with questions or concerns.

To be able to access and complete all the required course items, all participants are expected to have access to a personal computer meeting the specifications below. Our learning platform can also be accessed on smartphones (iOS and Android), but we recommend using a full-size device.

Minimum Hardware Requirements:

  • Personal computers should be five years old or newer, when possible
  • 2.4 GHz or faster processor
  • 4 GB or more of RAM
  • 300 GB or larger hard drive
  • 500MB or better video card capable of 1920×1080 resolution or higher
  • Sound card with speakers (or headphones) and microphone
  • Monitor/display capable of 800×600 dpi with 256 colors

Highly Recommended:

  • Printer
  • USB mass-storage device

Minimum Software Requirements:

  • Operating Systems (one of the following):
    • Windows 7 and newer
    • Mac OS X 10.6 and newer
    • Linux – Chrome OS
  • Supported browsers: We recommend a current version of Chrome or Safari. Firefox or Microsoft Edge are acceptable, and we do not recommend using Internet Explorer.
  • Internet Speed:
    • Bandwidth of 512 Kbps (i.e. basic DSL) minimum
    • Bandwidth of 1.5 Mbps minimum to support good video streaming
  • Unrestricted access to Vimeo – if participants are accessing the content in-clinic, please be aware that we embed most of our videos on Vimeo; ask your IT to whitelist the site.

Yes! Leadership from a health center/clinic may register and pay for multiple participants.  In fact, we have heard from leadership and participants that having several staff from an organization participate in a course together enriches the experience because the group can discuss how concepts apply to their current patients and specific workflows. 

UpSkill courses are developed with MAs in mind, and draw directly on the experience of medical assistants.  The course content can, however, be relevant for other members of the care team. For cross-team training, we recommend Interprofessional Team-Based Care and Professionalism & Effective Communication. We have also had supervisors take our courses to better understand what their MA staff are learning and how it could be applied. 

These courses are designed for medical assistants who are already working in the field.  Please visit for information about the National Institute For Medical Assistant Advancement’s program that prepares students to become medical assistants with the same innovative, team-based care focus as UpSkill.