Community Engagement Pathways

Slides | Recording

Educational Objectives: 

1. Suggest recommendations on outreach and messaging to families about providing a COVID-19 vaccine for their 5-12 year old children.
2. Identify at-risk populations’ needs and how to collaborate with local community resources to increase COVID-19 vaccinations amongst such populations.
3. Review current examples of COVID-19 vaccination efforts with community partners and highlight the impact these efforts make for community members.

Panelists included:

  • Amanda Schiessl, MPP, Deputy Operations Officer/Co-Principal Investigator, Community Health Center, Inc./Weitzman Institute
  • Stephen Scholand, MD, Infectious Disease Specialist, MidState Medical Center
  • Kasey Harding, Director of the Center for Key Populations, Community Health Center Inc.
  • Yvette Highsmith-Francis, Eastern Region Vice President, Community Health Center Inc.