Prescription for Play

The Weitzman Institute is proud to partner with The LEGO® Group to support its Prescription for Play (P4P) program. 

Prescription for Play is a social impact program of The LEGO® Group, supported by The LEGO® Foundation.

What is Prescription for Play?

Prescription for Play promotes learning through play by supplying free DUPLO® brick kits and educational materials to pediatric health care providers to deliver to 18-36-month-old patients during routine well-child visits.  

Program resources include (free of charge):

  • LEGO® DUPLO® brick kit
  • Education Materials
  • Virtual Hub of Program Resources and Trainings
  • Implementation Toolkit (Manual, Sample Workflows and Scripts)
  • CME Credits
  • Technical Assistance
  • Enduring Educational Content
  • Program Support



Research Findings

A Multi-Site Case Study of the Process and Outcome Measures of Prescription for Play

The Weitzman Institute conducted a multi-site study of six Federally Qualified Health Centers across the U.S. The goal of this study was to continue expanding the evidence base for the Prescription for Play program by evaluating the feasibility of its implementation on a larger scale while also gathering evidence of its impact on caregiver outcomes.

Key Findings:

Past Research

Play Promotion for Pediatric Patients: A Feasibility and Pilot Study of Embedding Prescription for Play in Well-Child Visits

The Weitzman Institute conducted a pilot and feasibility study at Connecticut Pediatrics @ CHC in Hartford, Connecticut to:

  1. Identify the factors that contribute to the successful implementation of a process workflow designed to promote play; and
  2. Assess the impact of giving caregivers and children a tangible product (e.g., a LEGO® DUPLO® brick kit) that encourages play and reminds them of the brief education they received on play to take home with them.


For more information about Prescription for Play, contact Shelby Anderson-Badbade or Mandy Lamb