Adult Psychiatry & Trauma-Informed Care

Weitzman ECHO Adult Psychiatry & Trauma-Informed Care equips participants with enhanced skills to provide mental health care through an equitable and trauma-informed lens. In collaboration with Buckeye Health Plan and Ohio University Heritage College of Medicine, this ECHO series connects primary care medical providers, behavioral health providers, and other members of the care team with a community of peers and subject matter experts from across Ohio. During each session, the multidisciplinary ECHO faculty experts cover essential topics and strategies for patient-centered care. These topics include both traditional and innovative methods for screening, assessing, and managing psychiatric conditions. Topics in the curriculum include common psychiatric conditions, such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, and mood disorders; evidence-based treatment approaches such as psychopharmacology and behavioral techniques; and patient health literacy and adherence, such as psychoeducation and addressing stigma.

The 2024-2025 series is now enrolling providers and care team members across Ohio. Please visit Weitzman ECHO Adult Psychiatry & Trauma-Informed Care on the Weitzman Education Platform to learn more and register.