Key Populations

Registration is Now Open

Weitzman ECHO Key Populations is available for open enrollment to all individuals who are members of organizations within the Kentucky AIDS Education & Training Center (AETC) network. Others can enroll on a rolling basis for a subscription fee based on the number of providers from your organization that would like access. If you are not a member of the Kentucky AETC please contact us here if you would like more information or to sign up for this ECHO.

The Project ECHO Key Populations program features a multidisciplinary team of experts who provide advice, guidance, and consultation to help address your questions on HIV prevention, screening, and management, viral hepatitis screening and treatment, substance use disorder management, LGB and Transgender health including gender-affirming therapy, and STI screening and treatment among other topics. Through regular attendance at case-based videoconference sessions, primary care providers, even those with no or minimal HIV and Hepatitis C experience, gain confidence and expertise in HIV/HCV management and develop the ability to diagnose and treat patients living with HIV/HCV, who otherwise may not have access to care.

Participant Testimonials

“Always engaging and informative.”Julianne Douglas, Patient Care Liaison, Comprehensive Health Care dba Unconditional Love, Inc., Melbourne, FL

“Very relevant to my practice”Margaret LaPointe, Nurse Practitioner, Community Health Center, Inc., Middletown, CT

“This was one of the best presentations I have attended.  As an EMS educator I have worked with groups to provide education for my students regarding risks for transgender patients.  Seeing support like this in place will hopefully mitigate the need for people like me to respond during a crisis.  In my own family, my cousin found refuge with my parents as their own did not provide the support reviewed in this presentation.  It’s encouraging to know that there is more guidance for families today.”Rebecca Stearns, EMS-I, Community Health Center, Inc., Middletown, CT