Peer Recovery Specialists

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Weitzman ECHO Peer Recovery Specialist is a twice monthly videoconference that connects Peer Recovery Specialists to a community of peers around the country and a panel of subject matter experts. This intervention is designed for those who have lived experience with mental illness, addiction, co-occurring conditions and recovery and who are now supporting their clients with similar life challenges as a professional Peer Recovery Specialist through a health system. The multidisciplinary faculty team includes those with expertise in certified peer recovery specialist training and outreach, nursing and psychiatry. The participants on Peer Recovery Specialist ECHO join from Delaware and regional states.

Throughout the year long educational program, participants are encouraged to present their client cases to the faculty panel and their fellow peers for expert advice as well as listening to planned informative didactics by the faculty to further equip them with the skills to support their clients.

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For more information, please contact Andriene Gaudette, Program Specialist, at [email protected]


What is Weitzman ECHO for Peer Recovery Specialists?

Weitzman ECHO for Peer Recovery Specialists is a virtual educational program with sessions occurring twice a month that connect Peer Recovery Specialists to a community of peers and subject-matter experts. Participants that register below should plan to join as many sessions as possible.

Who should attend?

This ECHO is for you if you have lived experience with mental illness, addiction, co-occurring conditions, and recovery, and you are now supporting others going through similar life challenges as a professional peer supporter through a health care system.

What will I gain by attending?

This ECHO will equip Peer Recovery Specialists with the skills needed to help the individuals they serve advocate for themselves while providing ongoing education and mentoring opportunities for peers. Each session will cover topics that are important to the peer role such as Team Based Care, Ethics and Boundaries and Self-Care. Peers will also have the ability to present challenging client cases for recommendations from the expert panel.

How do I join the live sessions? (Do I need any special equipment?)

Weitzman ECHO sessions are held virtually using Zoom Video Conferencing. Access is available on any computer with an internet connection, phone (audio only), and smartphone.

How do I sign up?

If you would like to sign up for our Peer Recovery ECHO, please complete the form below.

Participant Testimonials

“…wow… great hour..I wish it were longer”

“I enjoy the ECHO sessions very much. I am still somewhat new to the field of recovery support so these sessions help quite a bit. They offer many tools to aid in providing support to others as well as to my recovery. Keep up the good work everyone.”

“I absolutely LOVED this topic…It is like a breath of fresh air every time I see something like this and am reminded that yes, this is how we are supposed to do things…”