Past Activity Session: Health Professions Student Training

Activity Session Date: September 2, 2020 

Best practices for adapting your health professions training and strategies for sustaining training through the COVID-19 pandemic. CHC developed a sustainable organizational framework to effectively train health professions students. The model established a sustainable training program that reduces burden on staff and maximizes educational outcomes for the students and trainees. While CHC has identified best practices for eliminating obstacles that arise, COVID-19 has created new barriers requiring adaptation of our model. CHC is committed to training health professions students through the pandemic with the motivation to prevent a long-term shortage of primary care providers in the future.

The below resources capture CHC’s best practices for sustaining its program and tackling complicated processes involved in following CDC guidelines, developing an online learning infrastructure, maintaining/adapting affiliation agreements, adapting IT needs, and implementing supplemental learning opportunities.

Template Health Professions Student Playbook

Strategies for Sustaining Your Health Professions Student Training Through COVID-19 

Student Education Affiliation Agreement