Roundtable: Transportation; November 19, 2020

The Digital Transformation in Social Determinants of Health: Transportation

November 19th, 2020

It will be expected during the roundtable that you attended or watched the recording of the corresponding topic’s webinar.

Each roundtable will be limited to 18 participants and will be moderated by a subject-matter expert. If the number of people seeking to join a roundtable forum exceeds 18, multiple groups will be held at the same time, coming together at the end of a session to debrief with each other. You will be expected to have audio and video capabilities, and participate in the discussion.

This session’s recording will not be disseminated. 

The intended audience for this roundtable is:

  • Leaders of healthcare organizations, including FQHCs, hospitals, and other health organizations
  • Leaders in community-based organizations, payers, and government entities
  • Leaders in the medical, case management, behavioral health & dental fields
  • Healthcare organization’s operational staff
  • Those who create policies in organizations and communities
  • Those interested in innovative ways to solve for SDoH

Joining us will be:

Effie Carlson; Chief Growth Officer, Healthcents & Board Member of Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Accreditation Commission (NEMTAC)

Monica Rivera; Head of Social Determinants of Health, LogistiCare 

Kevin Mehalick; Head of Business Development, Roundtrip