Webinar: Predictive Analytics, Assessing Vulnerability, and Community Referrals; September 24, 2020 – recording available

The Digital Transformation in Social Determinants of Health: Predictive Analytics, Assessing Vulnerability & Community Referrals

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Recorded on September 24th, 2020

Predictive analytics is transforming how we understand patients and their hidden needs, allowing us to develop sophisticated assessments we never imagined possible. Community referral systems subsequently help address those needs in a comprehensive, integrated manner. The power of the two together is profound – a reduction in illness, ER admissions, and hospital stays.
Join us as we hear from a group of exciting innovators and disruptors who are creating powerful technology-based solutions to move from screening for social needs to solving for them.

The following organizations presented:

Kurt Waltenbaugh, Founder & CEO of Carrot Health | View Presentation 

John Showalter, Chief Product Officer at Jvion

Erine Gray, Founder & CEO of Aunt Bertha    |    View Presentation

Ruben Amarasingham, Founder & CEO of Pieces Tech | View Presentation 


We also want to highlight the following organizations who are doing tremendous work in the field of analytics, assessment & referrals:

Algorex Health




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