2023 Symposium Session Briefs

The 2023 Weitzman Institute Virtual Symposium provided a unique opportunity to hear from some of the nation’s top thought leaders, researchers, clinicians, and entrepreneurs who are leading efforts in the Institute’s key priority areas: Social Determinants of Health, Health Systems Transformation, and Workforce Development.

This year’s Symposium theme, Tackling Old Problems with New Solutions in Primary Care,” recognizes that pressing issues that have recently garnered increasing attention, including mental healthcommunity violence and traumadiversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), and big data, are longstanding, wicked challenges that require trans-disciplinary, patient- and community-affirming approaches to drive positive and sustainable change.  

The Symposium offered a forum for exploring primary care’s challenge of dismantling persistent inequities and recreating and advocating for a more just healthcare system that better meets the needs of its workforce, patients, and communities, particularly those most in need. 

You can learn more about each session by reading the briefs below.

Morning Keynote: Community Violence, Trauma, and Racial Healing

Panel #1: Exploring the Hard DEI Questions in Primary Care Policy, Research, and Clinical Practice

Afternoon Keynote: Mental Health Equity, Primary Care, and the Built Environment

Panel #2: Beyond Clinical Practice: The Role of Big Data and Policy in Promoting a Pro-Health Built Environment