Mind-Body Practices for Healing Stress and Trauma

Session Date: November 4, 2020

Video Slides

Our faculty panel included:

Stephen Scholand, MD; Infectious Disease Consultant, MidState Medical Center
Beth Robins Roth, APRN, SEP; Owner and Mindfulness Meditation Instructor and Somatic Experiencing Trauma Healing Practitioner,  Hummingbird Trauma Resolution

Thank you to our panel who participated in the activities:

Jane Hylan, Director of School-Based Services, CHCI
Stephanie Ivers-Heine, Communications Manager, CHCI
Anna Rogers, Weitzman Education Program Specialist, Weitzman Institute
Jocelyn Zapata, Patient Services Associate, CHCI
Leticia Orozco, Weitzman Education Program Specialist – Residency Program, Weitzman Institute
Amy Taylor, Vice President, Western Region, CHCI