Weitzman Institute Announces 2022-2026 Strategic Plan

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We are proud to share the Weitzman Institute’s new five-year strategic plan for inspiring innovation and transformation of primary care for the underserved through research, education, and policy.

We recognize that at this time we are faced with the formidable challenge of tackling the converging pandemics of structural racism, a growing mental health crisis, climate change, and COVID-19.

These co-occurring public health crises have tested our primary care and public health infrastructures, and subsequently revealed the price we all pay as a result of underinvestment and neglect of these systems that serve as the backbone of healthcare.

We have the unique opportunity to reconstruct the narrative of a broken healthcare system, re-engineer how care is delivered, and recreate a more equitably built environment by focusing on three key areas:

Social Determinants of Health

The Weitzman Institute is committed to examining and solving for upstream factors by unpacking the historical and structural inequities contributing to ongoing disparities in healthcare access and outcomes.

Health Systems Transformation and Optimization

The Weitzman Institute aims to enhance responsiveness to efforts to optimize, transform, and disrupt healthcare as a means of improving health outcomes, particularly through payment reform and digitalization of healthcare.

Workforce Development

The Weitzman Institute’s Workforce Development plan promotes a workforce that looks like and better relates to underserved patients and communities. The Weitzman Institute advocates for team-based models of care that integrate all members of the team, which can contribute to a patient’s overall health.


“The Weitzman Institute stands on the shoulders of generations of bold leaders, including our founders, who organized and fought to ensure that healthcare is a right, not a privilege. As we continue to grow our national footprint and impact, we remain intentional about staying true to our values and ensuring our work is rooted in excellence, innovation, and equity and inclusion” said Weitzman Institute VP and Director Dr.  April Joy Damian, PhD, MSc, CHPM, PMP, in announcing the new strategic plan.

Read the 2022-2026 Weitzman Institute Strategic Plan