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Addressing the Need

Community Health Center, Inc. (CHC) received a National Cooperative Agreement (NCA) to address the most fundamental need of health centers now and for the coming decades: a clinically expert, deeply committed staff representing all roles and disciplines in primary care that is trained to a high performance model of team-based care.  To address this need, CHC continues to support your health center through education, assistance and training.

Learning Collaborative Applications are now available!

Advancing Team-Based Care

The Team-Based Care Learning Collaborative is a 10-month participatory learning experience offered by the National Cooperative Agreement (NCA) for Clinical Workforce Development, funded by the Health Resources and Services Administration, and hosted by Community Health Center, Inc.(CHCI) in Middletown, CT.  The Collaborative is designed to provide transformational strategies and coaching support to help primary care practices in Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) implement an advanced model of team-based care. The Collaborative will provide a series of videoconference learning sessions with 10-12 primary care teams from across the country, as well as in-person quality improvement training, ongoing mentoring for coaches in your organization, technical assistance, and access to web-based tools.  Teams will complete an assessment of their current practice using a nationally recognized method to identify opportunities for improvement, and will work between learning sessions to meet their aims.

Detailed information about the Learning Collaborative and Application can be found here: 2017TeamBasedCareLCapplication and can be completed and emailed back to [email protected] 


Join us for our next webinar series on Advancing Team-Based Care!

February 15, 3:00PM EST: Taking Team-Based Care to the Next Level. In this webinar, we will briefly review the core concepts of team-based care (physical design, roles, data, empanelment) that we have discussed in previous webinars (all available at  and  introduce you to elements of team-based care that build upon these basics and support your teams in advancing their capability to provide satisfying and effective care to complex patient populations. Areas of focus will include additional roles on the care team, a deeper dive into the practice of RNs and behavioral health providers, and a team approach to managing pain, medication assisted treatment for opioid addiction, and the care of the older adult in primary care.  This first webinar in the series will begin with a focus on the teamlet. (Provider and MA) and the data that supports their success. 

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February 22, 3:00PM EST: Advancing the Practice of RNs and Behavioral Health Providers. We will explore two vital roles on the primary care team, RNs and Behavioral Health clinicians. We have seen  tremendous progress in health centers across the country towards the integration of primary care and behavioral health, and in advancing the role of RNs. In this webinar, we’ll focus on key elements that maximize the contributions of these team members.  We focus on RN complex care management and the use of RN visits to expand and enhance the capacity of the team. We’ll also look at how practices  can systematically address the behavioral health needs of their patient population starting with structured approaches to screening  of both adults and children, the use of warm hand offs to ensure connection to primary care, and implementing a robust group treatment program to enhance access and improve outcomes. This session will also detail the kind of data dashboards that support the work of these vital team members.

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March 1, 3:00PM EST: Beyond the Walls: Effectively Utilizing Community Health Workers and Clinical Home Visitors as Part of the Team In this webinar, we will focus on team members who work with patients in various capacities beyond the walls of the exam room but make an enormous contribution to clinical outcomes. Participants will learn about their connections to the team, and the effective outcomes that result from their patient engagement.

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March 8, 3:00PM EST: Caring for Patients with Pain is a Team Sport. Health Centers are  called upon to help patients with both acute and chronic pain.. Our desire to help patients with pain often exceeds our skill set and resources. Health Centers across the country have been stepping  up to become better educated and trained in this complex area of clinical practice.  One thing we’ve learned is that it requires the whole team to be successful. In this webinar we will look at the contribution of each member of the expanded care team in addressing needs of patients with chronic pain, and the strategies that support their work.

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March 15, 3:00PM EST: Beyond the Core Team: A Deeper Look at the Extended Care Team Members In this webinar we will explore the essential contributions of the extended care team that increasingly are playing a vital role in health centers.  Along with the clinical focus, we will consider issues of scope, coverage, and the business case in ensuring that health center patients have access to team members such as such as chiropractors, registered dieticians, and pharmacists. We will also look at some “off stage” team members who make a vital contribution to the care of patients, from providing the data that supports team based care to serving as that first point of contact.

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