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Addressing the Need

Community Health Center, Inc. (CHC) received a National Cooperative Agreement (NCA) to address the most fundamental need of health centers now and for the coming decades: a clinically expert, deeply committed staff representing all roles and disciplines in primary care that is trained to a high performance model of team-based care.

To address this need, CHC continues to support your health center through education, assistance and training with a new webinar series: 

April 25: Leveraging the Power of a Team to Address Social Determinants of Health: Orienting Your Students to Team Based Care and Social Determinants of Health

Presenters will summarize the 2016 Spring Health Professions Students in FQHCs webinar series and set the stage for the upcoming 2017 Spring webinar series.  Participants will be guided through a framework of how health centers can orient students to a team based care model and how this collaborative practice approach promotes systems changes to address social determinants of health adversely affecting health center patients.  

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May 9: Team-Based Care 101 for Health Professions Students

In order to maximize a health professions student training experience, students must clearly understand the team based care methodology.  In this module, students will be able to clearly define and identify aspects of high-performing teams.  Additionally, students will be oriented to effective communication strategies and effective huddle strategies.  Participants will be guided through the importance of clarification of team roles and responsibilities for effective teamwork.

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May 23: Enhancing the Student Experience through Preceptor Clinical Quality Improvement

Presenters will describe how to maximize the student training experience at the FQHC through thoughtful team based engagement and support of the preceptor.  Presenters will identify how academic institutions and health center administration and staff can support the preceptor in order to promote a robust student training experience. Resources and educational material will be identified and discussed which are available to train and support preceptor experience.  Participants will be guided through best practices to mentor and evaluate a preceptor’s strengths and challenges and provide constructive feedback.  

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June 6: How did WE do?  Evaluating the Student Experience

A successful student experience involves all partners: health center administrators, health center staff, preceptors, academic institutions and an engaged student.  Presenters will discuss best practices to translating team based care to that of a health profession students’ experience.  Thoughtful consideration will be discussed on how developing a clear pathway of onboarding a health professions student from interfacing with Human Resources to Electronic Health Records training to integration into the health center culture and active engagement of academic faculty who set clear expectations of students. This collaborative model lends itself to a robust student experience in hopes foster future passionate and committed health center leaders.   Participants will be guided through how to evaluate the students experience through thoughtful consideration of stakeholder engagement, clear expectations of stakeholder roles and responsibilities and well defined processes to onboard and train health profession students.

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You can find the information and resources from our previous offerings on the NCA Archive Page

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