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The National Training and Technical Assistance Cooperative Agreements (NCAs) provide free training and technical assistance that is data driven, cutting edge and focused on quality and operational improvement to support health centers and look-alikes. Community Health Center, Inc. (CHC, Inc.) and its Weitzman Institute specialize in providing education and training to interested health centers in Transforming Teams and Training the Next Generation through;

National Webinars on advancing team based care, implementing post-graduate residency training programs, and health professions student training in FQHCs.

Invited participation in Learning Collaboratives to advance team based care or implement a post-graduate residency training program at your health center.

 Please keep watching this space for information on future sessions. To request technical assistance from an NCA, please email [email protected] for more information.

Team-Based Care Webinar Series

Oral Health: Full Partners on the Team

March 21, 2019 | 3 p.m. EST

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Health centers are leaders in recognizing oral health as an essential element of primary care. 14% of total visits at health centers in 2017 were for dental care (HRSA, 2017). Many health centers are looking to expand or enhance their oral health services. Health centers are committed to raising a generation of children that is caries free, while providing preventive and restorative services to all.

Health center patients often have complex healthcare challenges that are significantly affected by their oral health status. We can improve overall health by creating access to excellent oral health services in the context of team-based care. This session will bring strategies from the field showing how effective integration, collaboration and mobilization of dental services significantly improves health. Experts will discuss the clinical, organizational, data and technical opportunities and challenges to advancing or enhancing your model of oral health in team-based care.


What is a Learning Collaborative?

dedp-hiw1.png   The Learning Collaborative is a participatory learning experience offered by the National Cooperative Agreement (NCA) for Clinical Workforce Development, funded by the Health Resources and Services Administration, and hosted by Community Health Center, Inc.(CHCI) in Middletown, CT.  The Collaborative is an evidenced-based model designed to provide transformational strategies and coaching support to help primary care practices in Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) implement an advanced model of team-based care or post-graduate residency programs.

dedp-hiw2.png   The Collaborative will provide a series of video conference learning sessions with primary care teams from across the country, as well as quality improvement training, ongoing mentoring for coaches in your organization, technical assistance, and access to web- based tools.


2018 - 2019 Webinar Series

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National Learning Library

CHC has curated a series of resources, including webinars to support your health center through education, assistance and training.



To learn more about the NCA and it's programs or to request T/TA fom CHC, Inc. you can reach out to us at  [email protected] or at:


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Amanda Schiessl 

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