Resources and Past Webinars


Implementing Post-Graduate Residency Training Programs

1Training the Next Generation: Residency and Fellowship Programs for Nurse Practitioners in Community Health Centers | Book

Access a guide to implementing and leading a Nurse Practitioner Residency program in community health centers. This book covers the conceptual framework, history of the development of postgraduate NP training in health centers, and the core operational tools and strategies to support organizations in creating a program.

2: Why Start a Postgraduate Residency Program? Building the Case for Your Organization    | Video Slides Survey

3: The Structure, Design, and Content of the 12-month Nurse Practitioner Residency Program | Video Slides Survey

4: The Structure, Design, and Content of the 12-month Postdoctoral Clinical Psychology Residency Program | Video Slides Survey

5: What Your Board, Management, and Staff Need to Know about Starting a Postgraduate Residency Program in Your Federally Qualified Health Center | Video Slides Analysis Spreadsheet Survey

6: Precepting, Supervision, Leadership, Logistics: What are the Staff Roles in a Postgraduate Residency Program?  | Video Slides Survey

7: Measuring the Outcomes: Research and Evaluation | Video Slides Tom Bush's Presentation Survey

8: Accreditation for Postgraduate Residency Programs | Video Slides

9: Case Presentations: Successful National Residency Programs | Slides Survey

10: Clinical Workforce Development NCA Informational Webinar | Slides

11: Building the Case for Starting a Post-Graduate Residency Program for Family and Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners at Your Health Center | Slides

12: Frequently Asked Questions on Starting a Postgraduate Nurse Practitioner Residency Program | Resource


Advancing Team-Based Care

1:  Advancing Team-Based Care: Building Your Primary Care Team to Transform Your Practice | Video Slides Survey

2: Enhancing the Role of the Medical Assistant | Video Slides Survey

3: The Emerging Role of Nurses in Primary Care | Video Slides Survey

4: Data Driven Dashboards to Support Team-Based Care | Video Slides Statistical process control Paper XmR Chart Template Survey 

5: A Team Approach to Prevention and Chronic Illness Management | Video Slides

6: Complex Care Management in Primary Care | Video Slides Survey

7: Achieving Full Integration of Behavioral Health and Primary Care | Video Slides Survey

8: Dissolving the Walls: Clinic Community Connections Video

9:  Team Based Care in Federally Qualified Health Centers: A Cross Sectional Study Assessing the Efficacy of a 10-Month Learning Collaborative. Poster


Health Professions Student Training in FQHCs

1: Activity Session - Creating your own Health Professions Student Training Playbook | CHC, Inc. Playbook | Playbook Template

The National Cooperative Agreement on Clinical Workforce Development offered a hands-on activity session on the Health Professions Student Training Playbook. This session was a one-on-one coaching with select health centers on the development of a Health Professions Student Training Playbook that will outline an exceptional student training process across all disciplines. CHC, Inc. Playbook | Playbook Template

2:Why Form a Health Professions Training Program at Your Federally Qualified Health Center? | Video Slides Survey

3: Creating a Process that Works for You: Infrastructure for a Successful Student Training Program | Video Slides Playbook Survey

4: How to Make it Work for the Students | Video Slides Survey Staffing the Safety Net

5: How to Create Life Changing Experiences for Students | Slides Survey

6: Leveraging the Power of a Team to Address Social Determinants of Health: Orienting Your Students to Team Based Care and Social Determinants of Health  | Slides  Video  Survey
Participants are guided through a framework of how health centers can orient students to a team based care model and how this collaborative practice approach promotes systems changes to address social determinants of health adversely affecting health center patients. 

7: Team-Based Care 101 for Health Professions StudentsSlides  Video  Survey
In this module, students will be able to clearly define and identify aspects of high-performing teams.  Additionally, students will be oriented to effective communication strategies and effective huddle strategies.  

8: Enhancing the Student Experience through Preceptor Clinical Quality ImprovementSlides  Video  Survey
Presenters will describe how to maximize the student training experience at the FQHC through thoughtful team based engagement and support of the preceptor. 

9: How did WE do?  Evaluating the Student ExperienceSlides  Video  Survey
Presenters discuss best practices to translating team based care to that of a health profession students’ experience. Participants are guided through how to evaluate the students experience through thoughtful consideration of stakeholder engagement, clear expectations of stakeholder roles and responsibilities and well defined processes to onboard and train health profession students.